Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Work In Progress

I was thinking of writing this post a few days ago and it never got written. At the time I was going to talk about the hat I was knitting for February. About my love for the pattern and how fast it was knitting up etc. Well I will admit I still love the pattern and it truly does knit up quickly. The problem lies in my faulty knitting. I was well into this hat, about 114 rows in when I realized I was increasing instead of decreasing for a few rows. Usually this would not be a problem I would just rip it out to the point where the problem started but this pattern is different. You knit the hat on a horizontal axis as opposed to the normal vertical pattern. Honestly the first time I made this hat it took me the longest time to actually see where the pattern was going. Over time I grew to loving this pattern and the way that it kept me on edge always paying attention to things that were changing. So Sunday evening we were getting ready to sit down to watch a few episodes of Deadwood(our newest Netflix obsession) and I realized that the whole thing was off. So to the woolwinder I went and ripped the whole thing out. Now I am starting all over again. It is just funny to think how excited I was to see the hat come together so quickly and now I am back at row 14. I hope make some major headway in it this evening at my usual Tuesday knit night.

Another thing that I am in the middle of working on is RSSing all sorts of blogs. It has taken me this long to actually figure out how to do it. You would think I would have done it a long time ago but no. I am excited to finally read posts within a few hours or days of them being posted verses the days or weeks it used to be. It will be some time before I get all my blogs bookmarked etc. but at least I am making progress. I guess this may explain to some of you why you are actually getting comments from me.

One other thing I was in the middle of when I first thought of posting this WIP was a new book. I have since finished it but would highly recommend it to others. The book is Midnight at the Dragon Cafe by Judy Fong Bates and our local library chose it to be the Everybody Reads book. It is a captivating book that delves into many different cultural issues that I found challenged the reader in a good way. I am excited to go hear the author speak on the first of March. I would recommend those of you who live in town pick up this book and read it before Fong Bates comes to town. Since finishing the book I moved on to reading Morrison's BELOVED but have just started it. I am quite certain I am one of only a few people who have not read this book but I am looking forward to seeing what I have been missing out on. It was not my intention this year to read so many books but a friend of mine decided to challenge herself to reading a book every two weeks for a year. For me that was a lot because I am a slow reader but I did challenge myself to reading only one book at a time. This is something I thought I could never do. The challenge has been wonderful and I love how I am now drawn into the book and have a desire to finish. Prior to these two books I read Gileadand want to read it again very soon. It is such an endearing book I would also recommend this for a good read.


kirsten said...

you haven't been subscribing to blogs before? crazy! :)
it kind of sounds like you're doing it a hard way, though. google reader or bloglines are really easy (and free!)
thanks for the book recommends - always looking for more!

Carmen said...

Christina, I love the colour of the yarn you are using for this hat. It's great. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Also, I wanted to let you know how nice it is to have you blogging regularly again. Welcome back!

A&P said...

I second the Google Reader, but then I'm a Google pushover.
Good book recommends, and yay for regular Blogging! I'm on a good streak myself.

beki said...

Oh my, there is no freaking way I could keep up with blogs without Bloglines. I've never used Google Reader before, but I may check it out.

blair said...

We watched most of Deadwood, but I blushed almost all the way through it (and it takes a lot to make me blush). Its been the source of endless humor since then. I'm fascinated that people actually talked like that, but I hear they did.