Tuesday, June 12, 2007

wrapped up

I have been finding some time in the studio recently to work and it feels good. My sister has been so generous as to watch Miss. A once a week and that has been a big blessing. Having a full day to work on projects makes all the difference. Currently I am wrapping up my work and getting to the end of a long and productive day. It is enjoyable to see that such times produce good results.

I am continuing to work with linen and gauze fabrics that are perfect for summer. It is funny that in the midst of making items for the shop and for others I often forget about myself. One of these times I will keep a scarf or two for myself.

Along with this work I have also been working on a bit of a strange request from my brother/sister-in-law. The request is for a sleeping/docking station for a Blackberry. This item is to be a birthday gift and I have found the appeal to be a fun challenge.

I am currently awaiting approval on color/design and will go from there. This is one of those projects I am looking forward to the end result because I want to see how my mental picture is going to be transformed into a reality. They are never quite the same are they?

Monday, June 11, 2007

slow movin'

Miss. A is now to the point where getting to a place is as much fun as the place we are going to. She loves walking around and exploring every little detail along the way. She smells each flower, talks of the water they need, and points out each manhole or fire hydrant and talks about the water that is in each one.

Last week Miss. A and I drove down to my hometown to visit family and friends. We were meeting some friends for dinner but were about twenty minutes early so I parked two blocks away. This was the perfect distance because despite my wondering what we would do to pass the time she showed me by exploring the whole two blocks.

This is such a wonderful age. Her vocabulary is growing each day so much so that it is hard to keep up. She will want to recap events from the day before and talk about who and what was there. I can tell that this summer is going to be filled with all sorts of wonderful walks and adventures that she will be more than willing to talk about if someone were to ask. I am learning to take it slow. Park farther away and enjoy the process of getting to our destinations.