Saturday, July 29, 2006


it felt quite good to finish and send my Vintage Button Swap package. yesterday felt quite productive. i sent my package and changed our address then went drop off our unwanted things at Goodwill. of course since i was there i had to just stop in and see what they had. i was quite happy with my findings, photos will follow soon for that.

Miss. A was dropped off at the in-laws for the night so we were free to make a big mess at the new place once we got the keys. last night we ripped up the carpet in the livingroom, hall and bedrooms and were pleased with what we found. the bedrooms are in worse shape then the livingroom. now we are off to rip up the tack strips along the walls before Miss. A comes back this afternoon. the fun is just starting...

Thursday, July 20, 2006


the fun is continuing as the boxes get stacked higher. i am finding it hard to pack knowing that i will not have access to many of the items for some time. take note of the many suitcases in the top photo, they are filled with most of my fabric and i wonder when i will get into them again.

this evening i decided it was time to pack my shoes. those who know me well know the numbers of shoes i have accumulated over the years. daniel even took it upon himself to make me what he deemed the 'shoeport'. the port runs longer than the length of our bed and is not big enough to hold all of them. so this evening i packed almost all of them away only keeping out running shoes, soccer shoes, flip-flops and a few flats...thats funny i am still unable to pack away about ten pairs of shoes will i truly get around to using them? it is like packing for a plane trip i always pack about two or three more books then needed or take two knitting projects and find that i never get to more than one.

another part of WIP this weekend will be to pick out some paint colors. we are going to be painting all rooms sooner then later along with ripping up the carpets. i am thinking the kitchen will be all white with an accent wall, in the dinning area, painted a robin egg blue. the idea is still being milled around but the same shade of blue will be repeated on one wall in the bathroom.
we will see how much work actually gets done this weekend. they are forecasting 107F for Saturday so we may be seeking shelter in a nice air-conditioned place.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New House::9 more days

it is hard to believe that we only have a few more days until we get the keys to the new place. for the time being we are keeping ourselves busy packing boxes and trying to not feel overwhelmed by the lack of space. right now my work in progress (WIP) is purging and packing items. actually the amount of purging has been less then i would have thought. i think more will happen when we unpack, or at least that is my hope.

the other day i came to the sad realization that i would probably not get around to many of the projects i want to be doing and so i started packing things up. into boxes when all of my yarn, fabric, ribbons and more. i did keep my buttons out because i knew that i was participating in the Vintage Button Swap. i also kept a few bits of fabric and cut out lamb pieces in order to finish some baby gifts but we will see if i get to those.

the last time i posted i talked about a birthday gift i was in the process of making. the outcome was quite pleasing. i did some fabric applique on a shirt to match a pair of pants and then carried the pattern over into a book bag i stitched together. i also experimented with applying a freezer paper stencil on the front with the birthday girls initial. the next task i would like to make are few bags for Miss A to keep in the car, maybe hung over the front seats, in order to put books and toys in.

i am looking forward to having my very own sewing room where i can spread projects out and just close the door when done working on them. it is will be quite a change from the way it has been.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Work In Progress:: birthday:baby:big sister

it feels good to get back into some projects that have been on my list.
lambs all around::

this lamb has been a lot of fun to sew together. i am making them out of a felted wool blanket and hand sewing them together. it is so relaxing to hand-sew these days.

burp cloth::book bag

i made a few burp cloths a while back and now have reason to make a few more. the book bag is for a friend who is turing one and loves to carry books with her in the stroller.

findings purse::

a fun little purse for the new big sister. she is just two and loves to collect things. so i thought a little purse would be wonderful for putting found objects in.

i am also very excited to starting thinking about my latest swap. it is a swap of sorts but more a collaberation with like minds from all over the world. Marianne of applehead has put together a calendar swap. each individual designs one month page for a 2007 calendar and then we send a copy of our work to all other participants. in the end we will each have a calender designed from women all around the globe. my mind is racing but that project will be on going for quite some time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

WIP::or why i had not blogged in so long

::party favors::

having a birthday is a lot of fun. i was very excited to plan and make things for the event and yet it required so much of my attention. i don't believe i looked at others blogs much in the past weeks, though it was hard at times to stay away. as more and more things were made i longed to document them but would forget and move on to the next thing.

since the party was in a park i thought it would be fun to make a garland that hung from the trees over the eating area. it was quite fun cutting out the triangles and then sewing them together. i think i will modify them a bit now and sew them closer so that they can hang in Miss A's room.

the pinwheels we a lot of fun to make as well. with a bit of finagling on Daniels part we were able to construct them so that they were both baby proof and able to spin. not an easy task at first but in the end they worked.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy birthday little one

it is so hard to believe that a year ago today Miss A was born. the first day was filled with sleeplessness and joy but we were ready to take on the world. each minute and hour was fresh in our mind we could recall how many diapers she had used and how often she ate even a week later.

some how we made it through the sleepless nights. we no longer keep track of how many diapers she uses but instead try to remember to write down the milestones as she reaches them. once so helpless she is now already showing us how independent she thinks she is. for her birthday she recieved a little push bike and she has already learned to get both on and off all by herself.

it is hard for me to immagine what she will be doing next year.

along with planning for her party these past weeks we have found ourselves in the middle of buying a house. i might start by saying that we were only just getting into the market when this all took place. we met with the realtor for the first time on a thursday and by tuesday we were not only looking at our first house but putting an offer down. by wednesday afternoon we had our offer accepted and friday we had the inspection. so now we are just going down the list of to-dos. it is hard to believe that by the end of this month we will be moving into our new place. i am happy to say that this new place includes a sewing room with built in shelving and sewing table. it has true 1950's charm and has not changed much since the owner moved in the early 60's. so from now until the end of the month we have our hands full but i am hoping to be a bit better about bloging and working on projects.

as for today we are enjoying a quite day at home with the birthday girl.