Friday, July 07, 2006

Work In Progress:: birthday:baby:big sister

it feels good to get back into some projects that have been on my list.
lambs all around::

this lamb has been a lot of fun to sew together. i am making them out of a felted wool blanket and hand sewing them together. it is so relaxing to hand-sew these days.

burp cloth::book bag

i made a few burp cloths a while back and now have reason to make a few more. the book bag is for a friend who is turing one and loves to carry books with her in the stroller.

findings purse::

a fun little purse for the new big sister. she is just two and loves to collect things. so i thought a little purse would be wonderful for putting found objects in.

i am also very excited to starting thinking about my latest swap. it is a swap of sorts but more a collaberation with like minds from all over the world. Marianne of applehead has put together a calendar swap. each individual designs one month page for a 2007 calendar and then we send a copy of our work to all other participants. in the end we will each have a calender designed from women all around the globe. my mind is racing but that project will be on going for quite some time.


marianne said...

I had to re-read this one as I thought at first that you were having another little one ( and that I'd missed the news on a previous post.)Your lamb is so ...lamby! and I have to agree on the handsewing thing...kind of like the slow cooking movement that is popular at the moment. All about taking time to enjoy the making of things not just the final outcome - great way to slow down a little.

jessica said...

thank you for your advice on applying my needle felt to make a pillow.
your little lamb is so gentle and sweet.

Helene said...

your lamb is sooo cute!

Thanks a lot for the magic yarn ball. The yarn was simply wonderful, and has now been turned into several projects. I'll blog about that later some time. I unwound it the right way - while knitting from it - and I've now found all the little treasures you had hidden in there.