Thursday, November 15, 2007

shop for a cure

for all of you local holiday shoppers here is an event for you....

This great craft bazaar is being held this weekend in Portland. I was going to have my own booth at this sale but had to back out due to getting slammed with the flu right before our trip to San Francisco. I was reluctant to back out but knew that I would not be ready due to my health.

Proceeds from the sale go to helping find a cure for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. The day was organized by Laurel from Bella Stella - her daughter is afflicted with histiocytosis, and she and her family are working tirelessly to raise money and awareness. Many local crafters are coming together to support this cause. There will be a great selection of gifts for both young and old. So if you are free and local drop on by Milagros. They do have some of my items in the store so feel free to pick up a scarf or two knowing that a portion of the sale will go to a great cause.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

a small tangent

This past month plus has put me into major production mode around here. It seems as if all of my wholesale orders came one right after the other without much room to breath. On Halloween I delivered the last batch of goods to a local store and then set my eyes on filling the Etsy shop for the holiday season. It feels good to keep the momentum up and at the same time try to be intentional about making the time for family and friends.

On Monday Miss. A was with her Pa all day and I had a list of things I wanted to work on for the shop. Well of course as is always the case I got a bit distracted by a new idea and had to play around with it for a bit. The end result was so much to my liking that I spent the better part of the afternoon sewing and getting Daniel to both photograph and then model for some shots. It was a beautiful day and so we were able to actually get some outdoor shots. The results of my distraction are what I call the Loop Scarf. They are a short scarflette that wraps around the neck and is fastened through a loop sewn on the back.

I was having so much fun playing around with different wools and fabrics that I ended up staying up late that evening just to get some of the other things on my list done. I currently have a few scarves in the shop and will be adding some coffee cozies soon along with a few other items.

For now I need to get a few more loads of laundry done before Daniel and I head off to a long weekend on San Francisco.

Friday, November 02, 2007

crib notes or lack thereof

The humor of a child never ceases. I am constantly amazed by how funny Miss A can be at times, she is even at the point now where she will laugh at her own antics. Today was no exception.

So back in August we transitioned Miss. A into her 'big girl bed'. We had thought that we would start with her taking the nap in the big bed and sleep at night in her crib. Well she was quite excited for the transition and so after about a week the crib was taken down due to her lack of interest in it. Of course once it was down she missed it and wanted it back but we were able to get through that. During about the first two months we had no problems with keeping her on the bed. Sure she would tumble off sometimes onto the pile of pillows below but she soon learned to stay on the bed. We were surprised when she would not get off the bed during naps and in the morning. Maybe the thought of getting down was a bit daunting. Well that is all in the past. She now has the hardest time staying in her bed during nap time and in the morning we typically wake to her running down the hall to our room. It seems as if every other day she will spend the better part of nap time playing in her room. I have come to accept this as how it will be and I am fine with it as long as she is in her room for 'rest time'. It is quite amazing how much damage she can do to the room in such a short amount of time. Books, puzzles and toys will be strewn across the room and then the better part of the afternoon is spent cleaning up the mess.

Today she was all set on playing and having a good time. That is until she started yelling for me to come get her. So after sometime I went in and told her that it was time to go to bed. I picked her up and started singing rock-a-by baby and this is what unfolded...

Me: rock-a-by baby in the...
Miss A: I not a baby mama.
Me: [trying to compose myself] rock-a-by Miss. A in the tree top. When the...
Miss A: I not in a tree mama.
Me: [laughing so hard I have to lay her down on the bed] rock-a-by Miss. A in her bed. when the wind blows...[and by that time she was almost asleep. lucky for me because I don't think I could have make it through the whole song without laughing myself ill.

I am constantly amazed by the humor and insight kids have at this age. They truly like to call it how it is. For now she is sleeping and the room looks like a tornado hit it.

Oh the joys of the big kid bed.