Friday, November 02, 2007

crib notes or lack thereof

The humor of a child never ceases. I am constantly amazed by how funny Miss A can be at times, she is even at the point now where she will laugh at her own antics. Today was no exception.

So back in August we transitioned Miss. A into her 'big girl bed'. We had thought that we would start with her taking the nap in the big bed and sleep at night in her crib. Well she was quite excited for the transition and so after about a week the crib was taken down due to her lack of interest in it. Of course once it was down she missed it and wanted it back but we were able to get through that. During about the first two months we had no problems with keeping her on the bed. Sure she would tumble off sometimes onto the pile of pillows below but she soon learned to stay on the bed. We were surprised when she would not get off the bed during naps and in the morning. Maybe the thought of getting down was a bit daunting. Well that is all in the past. She now has the hardest time staying in her bed during nap time and in the morning we typically wake to her running down the hall to our room. It seems as if every other day she will spend the better part of nap time playing in her room. I have come to accept this as how it will be and I am fine with it as long as she is in her room for 'rest time'. It is quite amazing how much damage she can do to the room in such a short amount of time. Books, puzzles and toys will be strewn across the room and then the better part of the afternoon is spent cleaning up the mess.

Today she was all set on playing and having a good time. That is until she started yelling for me to come get her. So after sometime I went in and told her that it was time to go to bed. I picked her up and started singing rock-a-by baby and this is what unfolded...

Me: rock-a-by baby in the...
Miss A: I not a baby mama.
Me: [trying to compose myself] rock-a-by Miss. A in the tree top. When the...
Miss A: I not in a tree mama.
Me: [laughing so hard I have to lay her down on the bed] rock-a-by Miss. A in her bed. when the wind blows...[and by that time she was almost asleep. lucky for me because I don't think I could have make it through the whole song without laughing myself ill.

I am constantly amazed by the humor and insight kids have at this age. They truly like to call it how it is. For now she is sleeping and the room looks like a tornado hit it.

Oh the joys of the big kid bed.


Laura Herrmann said...

What a cute room! Yes, little toddlers do have insight, don't they?...on halloween my daughter and I had this conversation(She was dressed in a kangaroo costume.):
me: Are you a kangaroo?
my girl(also an A.): No!
me: what are you?
my girl: girl
me: oh?
my girl: yes, girl in 'roo.

Rachel said...

Somehow Miss A. managed to make the room look artistically messy! I noticed that the last picture must have been taken when Samuel stayed over - I see he found the "choo choo train". I love the Rock-a-bye baby story, I can hear her saying each of those things!

kirsten said...

oh, naptimes. we're struggling with that right now, too. my older son had a hard time with naps but got over it when we took all the toys out of his room (but i don't know if where you live has space for that - if so - it works!).
and i know what you mean about the humor - my 2yo is hilarious. we are always laughing with him around.

nicole said...

I bet she's a real joy. Hope you're having a good start to the week.

Muffin's Mom said...

totally random...but where did you get the under-the-bed drawers? Did they come with the bed?

Kristi said...

I really love the hanging chair, where did you get it? Also, did you know this picture was pulled and posted to Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh sister site? - It is a hit.

mini baby cribs said...

That is awesome!