Thursday, March 13, 2008

[7] things about me

Well I have been tagged by my sister to write seven random things about myself. I always love reading what other people write but have a hard time with myself, I will give it a try.

1. Savory not sweet
I have to be in the mood for ice cream or chocolate but will almost always crave a savory treat.

2. Cream no sugar
Coffee is a must every morning but it is always just a plain house coffee with cream. When my punch card gets filled at the coffee shop I tend to redeem my free coffee for just a house blend often getting suggestions of more fancy drinks from the person behind the counter. If I am feeling like something special I will go for a latte but tend to wonder half way through why I ordered such a milk heavy drink because it always upsets my stomach. I will learn one of these days.

3. I used to be quite the risk taker. I love adventure and the outdoors.
My date for the eight grade graduation dance took me rock climbing for the first time before dinner, my parents were not very happy with this decision but it may have been what spurred me on to try other things. I continued to rock climb in both high school and college. Daniel and I actually met while rock climbing. I summated two 14,000 ft peeks in college and used to sky dive until I realized it was only a matter of time before something went wrong. The summer before getting pregnant with Miss. A I learned to surf and even thought I would be taking her to the beach for a few surf trips the summer she was born, this never happened. When Miss. A was nine months old I ran my first half marathon it was amazing to realize that I could actually do something like that. Now I don't do quite as many adventures things with my time but we still love to get out and hike as a family.

4. I had a fear of sewing until about three years ago.
When I was young my mother taught me to sew on her machine and I loved it. I would mess around and play with different fabrics but it did not stick with me. During winter break my freshman year of college I taught myself to knit and just stuck with that for years. I would collect and buy fabrics that I intended to make dresses and skirts out of but would just put them into a suite case and then suite cases as my collection grew. My fear was that once I made the cut in the fabric there was no going back. With knitting I could just pull out the yarn and start over but with fabric if you make a mistake you have to get creative. It is amazing for me to think that just such a short time ago I really had a fear of that first cut.

5. I am left handed:: kick with my left foot+sew with my right
I write and cut with my left hand, play soccer with my left foot but when it comes to sewing I have to use my right foot and can't have a shoe on. There have been many occasions that I will answer the door with one shoe on and the other off because I have been sewing. I know it must look quite strange but it really makes a difference in how I feel the foot peddle.

6. Freckled face Imp
When my sister was in fifth grade she wrote a story about our family and described me as a "freckled face imp". I was so offended by this statement and insisted that I was not an imp. She informed me that I should look up "imp" in the dictionary and I found that she was quite right. I am the fair skin, reddish hair, freckled one of the family with a bit of an impish side while my sister had the blond hair and tan skin and her personality is anything but impish.

7. Love to read hardly ever have less then one book going at a time
I think this trait was inherited from my father. In years past I would start more books then I would finish and end up with a pile by my bed of books I was in the middle of. Last year I challenged myself to reading only one book at a time and though I did not hold fast to the challenge it did help me to focus a bit more on only reading maybe two books at a time and actually finishing them. Even now I have an ever-growing stack of books I want to read by the bed but I am only reading one. Now if only I could stay up late enough at night to get through more than five pages at a time.

[Interesting or not at least they are random. It is amazing how long it took me to actually compose this post. I am not tagging anyone to write about themselves but if you choose to take on the challenge I would love to read about it.]