Thursday, November 30, 2006


yesterday was such a productive day. i felt like everything worked out well in order for me to get a few things done. Miss. A was more than willing to play around in my studio while i attempted to finally organize things. by the end of her nap things were looking good and i was able to breath a bit easier knowing that i could actually work in the space. last night Daniel and i set to work on the advent calendar. i had envisioned buying some vellum envelopes about CD size but when i got to the store and saw that they wanted a buck plus i decided that i would just make them.

it was great to work along side Daniel again. we used to do a lot of bookbinding together and so cutting down the paper and folding brought back quite a few memories. it was also quite nice to know when things were when he asked for say the x-acto knives etc.

last night the UPS man dropped off some printable paper i was waiting for in order to finish my calendar pages. i am looking forward to working on that during nap time. the bobbins are loaded and ready to go. it feels so good to be focused again.

Monday, November 27, 2006

17 days later

i guess life has been so busy that half a month has passed within a blink of the eye. it seems that the more time that passes where i don't blog the harder it is to get back into it. there are so many things that i have thought about writing and yet never got around to the computer. so here i am just jumping back into it with a few things that i have been working on. currently i am busy finishing my calendar page for the Calendar Swap.

it has been a wonderful challenge for me to create my page. we were given the choice of using any medium we wanted to create the page and so i am experimenting a bit. i am eager to see the end results not only of my own work but also of all the other amazing bloggers that are participating. for a glimpse at what other are doing look here. the other project i finished at the beginning of last week was my image for the Compound Word Project. there are some amazing images there so go check it out.

i have started to move into my new studio/sewing room but there are still piles of stuff everywhere. i am quite eager to start in on some Christmas projects and to test out my new cutting mat. it is quite exciting i just got a 70*33in cutting mat and it is going to make things so much easier. the only problem is cleaning everything off of the table in order to start working, but we are getting there.

i do hope that my next post will be sooner then later.

Friday, November 10, 2006

catching up

funny that i wrote the title of this post last night at about 1am and then did not have the mental capacity to even form a thought. the good news is that i was quite motivated to stay up that late and get quite a few things finished. for the first half of the evening i worked for Daniel, something i pick up now and then when he is slammed with deadlines and has something my remedial skills can do. well once done with that around ten i was surprised by the energy i had. so i finally photographed gifts i mentioned oh so long ago. the they are now all packaged up along with two others that needed to be done. now it is just a matter of writing the notes and getting to the postoffice.

yesterday afternoon i was reminded by a photo Lisa took. i had gone to the fabric store sometime last week for some blue fabric to finish Miss A's curtins. i was so good going straight to the fabric i needed and then up to the counter to get it cut. i even remember thinking to myself 'wow nothing else?' well there was not enough fabric left on the bolt and they needed to do an item check. so what did i discover but some amazing fabric set up right next to me.

it was there just for those who have no selfcontrol. but they are great and i know just what Christmas gifts they are going to turn into.

yesterday afternoon i was finaly able to get out the the burbs to get some crafting books. it is always hard to make the trip because of traffic. it seems as if the time of day does not matter it is alway bad. so yesterday i braved it and was quite successful with my finds. i needed to get a book for a friend i was swaping with and since i was there i figured i would save myself a few trips and just get what i wanted then.

the books are amazing one is all on skirts and another is on jackets, shirts and pants, and the third is alot of felted pieces. i guess i hope to get sewing some clothing for myself sometime soon. if nothing comes from these books for awhile it is ok by me at least i know they are there when i need them.

Note: it has now taken me a good hour plus to write this post. everything takes longer with a kid.

Monday, November 06, 2006

rock the vote

our ballots went into the box today. it is that time of year to cast your vote. remember to exercise your right to voice your opinion whatever it may be.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


there are times when i forget to document the things i make and that was the case with this item. i had made this scarf a few weeks ago and then set it aside because i was not quite sure about it. this evening i wore it and now have fallen in love. the truth is that there are things that need to be modified before i make another for others but for now this is my fall and winter scarf. my intention was to make a gift for a friend. i decided to use the remnants from the pillows. the problem was that the gray suede was not quite as pliable as one might like. so after working on the scarf late in the evening with much excitement for the end result i was met with great disappointment when the thing did not wrap that well. so it sat around for awhile and turned into a table runner on Miss. A's dresser. that is until today. for some reason while i was sorting through her clothing today, something that needs to happen more often these days, i looked again at the 'scarf' and realized i wanted to give it another try. i love it. with a bit of finagling i got it to wrap well. so now i am inspired to go back to the drawing board and try it again with more pliable fabrics.

its funny how a little time can change ones opinion of a piece of work. there is something to be learned from this.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a family affair

each year we enjoy the process of making costumes and dressing up. this year we went for the street vendor look. daniel and Miss. A were the organ grinder and monkey while i was the pickpocket street urchin. it seems that i lost interest in making a costume for myself after all the others. i went for the quick fix that daniel was nice enough to put together.

last year we dressed Miss. A up as a yard gnome, daniel was a lamp and i was the girl scout. Miss. A made the perfect gnome in both stature and spirit. who knows what next year will bring or how long we have until she starts protesting the costumes but until then we will take advantage of the situation.