Monday, July 21, 2008

shop news

Over the past few weeks I have been starting to upload new items to my shop.

They are actually items that I generated for the sale I had at the end of April.
Due to not feeling quite in the game I never got around to actually photographing the surplus items.

Now that most of the items have been documented I have been uploading new products to my Etsy shop. Enjoy. I am excited to also be adding some Giraffe Applique pillows soon, just a new product I have been working on.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

movin on up

Alena has grown to love the water and was quite excited to start up with lessons again this summer. It has not been since she was a little over a year old that she had her last class but still she could not wait.

For two weeks her and I would trek to the pool with our bathing suits in hand ready to take to the water. We would both plunge in and learn new skills.

After class she would come home and want to practice what she had done in the tub at bath time. I finally broke down and got her a little pool to play around in which I have found to be a wonderful investment. She does not want to get out on a good day and would stay in till dinner if I let her.

Last Friday she graduated from her Starfish class and was so proud of herself for getting a certificate.

We had prepared her for the next class of Goldfish where she would be getting in without me. On Monday there was no problem she was eager to get to class and once there intently took in all that was going on.

By Tuesday she was offering to be the first volunteer for many of the activities.

I am looking forward to seeing what she will be like this year when we make our trip to the cabin in Idaho. I'm sure we will be in the water every chance we get.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

two turned three::three going on four

I can hardly believe it when I think over the years. Three seemed to pass so quickly and yet here we are. Alena turned three yesterday and as we went through the day with family celebrating I was struck by just how much she has changed over this past year. She is so eager to explore and try thing on her own. Next week she will be a Goldfish in swimming and is eagerly looking forward to getting into the pool alone with out mom [I am looking forward to not getting into my bathing suit]. She loves riding her bike while we walk to the farmers market and to the park to play.

The stories she has started to tell are entertaining and she can't get enough of her books on record. And on and on... These past few months have been wonderful getting time to really spend time with her. As I realize that September is coming soon and that she will be off at pre-shool part of the day, I want to spend more and more time absorbing everything she does.

By the first of the year the whole dynamic of our family will be changing as we are getting ready to welcome number four to our family.

Yes that's right I am a little over three months along and just out of the tired/nausea all day long feeling. It has been a little different this time around with a Toddler turned Kid who no longer enjoys taking a nap. We are all excited to experience our first Dr. appointment together. Alena loved listening to the baby'sx heart beat and now wants to talk to it daily. I have a feeling the next 5 plus months are going to be a bit long for this little girl.

Now that I have a bit more energy these days I hope to post a bit more often. I was looking back at this year and this is only my 12th post so far. Not quick the best track record for the third year of this blog but who is counting. Since the last post we have taken at least three more photo booth images. Maybe that will be the next post...