Friday, April 04, 2008

photobooth for a year

At the start of the New Year we decided to make it a monthly practice of getting a family Photobooth strip taken. Last year we did a handful and ended up using the images for our Holiday card. So this year I wanted to document us as a family over the course of the whole year. So far we have three strips and it is turning into quite the event. We now make a day of it. I enjoy looking at the calendar and seeing one day on the last weekend of the month is slated as being the Photobooth day. We'll head downtown to the Ace Hotel [place of choice these days] and take our photos and then grab a bite to eat or coffee.

Already both Daniel and Miss. A have warmed up to the whole process. This last weekend I found myself looking down at Daniel before the second or third photo only to realize that he had brought a prop. Prior to the flash of the first bulb he donned an old pair of magnifying glasses we had sitting around the house.

Miss. A has warmed up to the camera and by this last photo strip she had taken to sticking out her tongue for the whole strip. It must have been held over from her solo strip she took prior to the family one.

I am looking forward to seeing what that photobooth image will hold as it processes the final images on the 27th or 28th of December. Only time will tell.