Saturday, April 29, 2006

one down one to go

Next weekend we are having a baby shower for a wonderful friend of mine and some of the projects are actually getting wrapped up. I have been having a lot of fun playing around with sewing lately and these burp rags are so easy to whip out. Digging through my fabric I was able to find quite a few patterns and textures that worked well together.

The next task is to finish up this zebra that I have been knitting for her. All I have to do this evening is sew the face and finish the ears. I am not sold on the design of it but we will see once everything is put together.

Friday, April 28, 2006

wedding season

We had the first of three weddings this season past weekend. After an hour of wrapping the gift I was inspired to use the scraps and make a card, it ended up being quite fun.

Next task is to finish up a few baby gifts or maybe a few knitting projects.

Friday, April 21, 2006

novel idea

Oh one would think that making a list in order to get things done is not such a grand idea. People do it all the time and are good at it. I even did it quite a bit before A was born but this morning I woke up thinking that it was the best idea in the world. I placed a note pad next to her high chair and away I went writing things down. Now my question is do you only write down a few things and feel good about it when they are all done, do you only write short tasks that are easy to accomplish? What about doing dishes or laundry they seem to never get done. Does it count if you fill the dish rack once and let them dry or do you have to have the counters cleared in order to cross it off the list?

For today I am trying to keep the list short. Do a few emails, finish the dishes (all of them), wash the laundry (at least a load), straighten up the house before the mother-in-law comes over tomorrow to watch the little one. The problem with keeping the list short is that things keep popping into my head, do I add them to my list under 'to-do later' or forget about it. The problem with me is that I will forget about it and then not remember for a god many days or weeks. I guess that is what happens now that I'm a mom, or have I always been that way?

*NOTE: this was not intended to be my first post but if you were to wait for me to finish that draft it would never happen. Maybe one day...