Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a little something for Miss. A

More often then not Daniel asks 'why don't you make ______ for Miss. A'. He always wants a little something made up for her and for a long time it was knitted items. My excuse was always that she would grow out of it quicker then the time it took to make. Now don't get me wrong I have made things for her but very few because of that very reason, she is growing so fast. Recently all of that has changed it seems as if every other thing flying off the sewing machine or needles is something for her.

On Friday I had finished my March 'hat of the month' and she decided to co-opt it for herself. Over the weekend I got quite inspired during her nap and decided to take a pillow that was going to be donated and transformed it into a new log cabin quilted pillow for her. This was my first attempt at quilting not just patchwork and I'm hooked.

The pillow was intended for her big girl bed when she makes the transition but for now it is being used in her new swing that was just installed (finally, it only took about three weekends to get it put up).

Yesterday I picked up my latest order from superbuzzy. Let me tell you how much I love having Mariko live right up the hill from me.

Honestly I think I may be making a monthly order from them. Well the fabric I got was so inspiring that I picked it up around 2:30 and by 9:30 I had made Miss. A her new library bag. And since I was on a roll I made her a matching tissue holder.

It looks like after her nap today we may just have to put that bag to good use and get a fresh supply of books. Now don't worry I am also making a bit of time for myself to read I just always have to make a choice between all of the things I would love to be doing.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

much needed momentum

I feel like the momentum ebbs and flows so quickly around here. The past few weeks I have been productive in the sewing room but have had little motivation to document or write about the work. I have found the calendar to be filling in quickly these days and am excited about an opportunity to have a table at this great craft extravaganza the third week of April. Just in time for mothers day.

I am also working on a few new items that I am excited about and they will be posted in my shop at the first of the month. But for now this translates in to a lot of time sewing in the evenings which I find to be hard when all I really want to do is read a book.

Monday, March 12, 2007


It is hard to believe that a week has passed just like that. Where does life go? I guess in part it goes to a toddler who is teething for what seems to be the hundredth time. Honestly I just want the rest of them to come in. Actually in all honestly it has not been so bad with the exception of excess drool and snot. She was taking long naps during the day which was a nice trade off but that all changed with this new time change. She is now all out of sorts and did not even take a nap today, instead she just lay in her bed and talked with the whale CD she had playing. Now that I think of it maybe that is what kept her up, she was just having so much fun communicating with the whales that she did not want to sleep. Ok note to self don't play that CD at nap time again....turn on the classical music.

Well every since last weekend I have been sketching up some ideas that use felt and I got quite excited about some prospects. Then I went and got myself a few Japanese craft books on felt and I could not resist making a few new things. It was a lot of fun working with these botanical pieces and I know that there are more to come but I am even more excited about some bags I have in mind. I need to still place an order for some thicker felt and see what I can do with that. It is a bit discouraging that there is not a felt distributor in town who sells thicker stuff. I just want some small samples just so I can start working with and see if it is the material I even want. Sometimes ordering online is hard because it cuts out the tangible aspect of the process. Aside from working with felt I am currently in the process of making some different models of bibs. It is fun to start experimenting with new patterns and seeing how the process morphs as time goes on.

A new week means new things. May I stay inspired.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

happy weekend to me

This weekend was wonderful in that it seemed to last forever. I was blessed to spend some quality time with both family and friends and that is what a happy birthday is all about. The weekend seemed to start on Thursday and go well into this evening. These are just a few of my favorite things.

::opening my shop:: going to hear an author speak about her great book::receiving a gift subscription to Selvedge magazine:: going to the museum with the family:: not cooking a single meal:: having brunch with the extended family:: receiving a beautiful necklace made by SCHEER:: going to see a great movie at this new theater in town. i would recommend this place to anyone who lives here:: wrapping up brown paper packages tied up with string and shipping them off:: sketching ideas in a new journal, it always feels good to finish a journal:: walking to the park with friends and playing in the sun:: knitting with friends::

There is something about having the sun come out that just enhances the events of a day. The weather around here has been so nice and is has put everyone in such good moods. I know that the rain is said to be coming tomorrow but I believe the events of this weekend will hold me over till the next sunny day.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

shop news

I am happy to announce that the scissorstitch shop is now up.

This whole process has been a good learning experience. I have truly enjoyed the whole process. I am actually now ready to get back into the studio and make new things.

It is amazing what a bit of time off and then a big push to the finish can do for a bit of inspiration. There are many new ideas swarming around in my head and I am eager to see them come to fruition even if only in the form of a prototype.

I want to thank everyone for all of your encouragement and support. Without this wonderful community I would have never known my full potential.