Saturday, March 24, 2007

much needed momentum

I feel like the momentum ebbs and flows so quickly around here. The past few weeks I have been productive in the sewing room but have had little motivation to document or write about the work. I have found the calendar to be filling in quickly these days and am excited about an opportunity to have a table at this great craft extravaganza the third week of April. Just in time for mothers day.

I am also working on a few new items that I am excited about and they will be posted in my shop at the first of the month. But for now this translates in to a lot of time sewing in the evenings which I find to be hard when all I really want to do is read a book.


Alicia A. said...

I love the "look" of your crafty goods. Simple and clean, yet just a little bit bold.

Good luck!

kirsten said...

oh, go read a book! :)

need a suggestion?

amy h said...

I have very little motivation right now. I just want to enjoy the spring weather! Nothing's wrong with a book once in a while. :) You don't want something enjoyable to turn completely into a chore!

Kirsten said...

gorgeous fabrics you have used - and i love your yellow tee!