Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a little something for Miss. A

More often then not Daniel asks 'why don't you make ______ for Miss. A'. He always wants a little something made up for her and for a long time it was knitted items. My excuse was always that she would grow out of it quicker then the time it took to make. Now don't get me wrong I have made things for her but very few because of that very reason, she is growing so fast. Recently all of that has changed it seems as if every other thing flying off the sewing machine or needles is something for her.

On Friday I had finished my March 'hat of the month' and she decided to co-opt it for herself. Over the weekend I got quite inspired during her nap and decided to take a pillow that was going to be donated and transformed it into a new log cabin quilted pillow for her. This was my first attempt at quilting not just patchwork and I'm hooked.

The pillow was intended for her big girl bed when she makes the transition but for now it is being used in her new swing that was just installed (finally, it only took about three weekends to get it put up).

Yesterday I picked up my latest order from superbuzzy. Let me tell you how much I love having Mariko live right up the hill from me.

Honestly I think I may be making a monthly order from them. Well the fabric I got was so inspiring that I picked it up around 2:30 and by 9:30 I had made Miss. A her new library bag. And since I was on a roll I made her a matching tissue holder.

It looks like after her nap today we may just have to put that bag to good use and get a fresh supply of books. Now don't worry I am also making a bit of time for myself to read I just always have to make a choice between all of the things I would love to be doing.


kirsten said...

she still likes trains! that's so cool, i've been drooling over that train fabric.

also - i've been wanting to get that swing for thomas - ikea, right? i think it's discontinued, but they have it on ebay - how do you like it?

Wendy said...

That cushion is great. I wish I was small enough to fit in that swing.

Kirsten said...

oooo, i would kill for that fabric! love it, love it, love it!!

Felicia said...

That is a truly groovy library bag. What a cute little matching tissue holder too!

nicole said...

I really love the library bag and good work on the log cabin pillow.

Oiyi said...

What a lovely log cabin pillow! The library bag/tissue holder is adorable.

andrea said...

that log cabin pillow is fantastic! and well, so is the library bag... when I see things like this, I am devastated that I do not know how to sew.

p.s. thank you for the warm welcome to portland! so thrilled to be here.

mariannealice said...

I hold you and this post totally responsible for my splurge at superbuzzy...I have been resisting that pear fabric and then I saw that you had some...a sign? Well, after all you do like to run, just like me.. So now I have some pear lovelies too!