Monday, November 27, 2006

17 days later

i guess life has been so busy that half a month has passed within a blink of the eye. it seems that the more time that passes where i don't blog the harder it is to get back into it. there are so many things that i have thought about writing and yet never got around to the computer. so here i am just jumping back into it with a few things that i have been working on. currently i am busy finishing my calendar page for the Calendar Swap.

it has been a wonderful challenge for me to create my page. we were given the choice of using any medium we wanted to create the page and so i am experimenting a bit. i am eager to see the end results not only of my own work but also of all the other amazing bloggers that are participating. for a glimpse at what other are doing look here. the other project i finished at the beginning of last week was my image for the Compound Word Project. there are some amazing images there so go check it out.

i have started to move into my new studio/sewing room but there are still piles of stuff everywhere. i am quite eager to start in on some Christmas projects and to test out my new cutting mat. it is quite exciting i just got a 70*33in cutting mat and it is going to make things so much easier. the only problem is cleaning everything off of the table in order to start working, but we are getting there.

i do hope that my next post will be sooner then later.


Carmen said...

Welcome back, Christina. So nice to see that you posted this morning. It's hard to fit this blogging thing into our everyday lives, isn't it? And at this time of year especially.
I can't believe how big your cutting mat is! I'm sure it will make crafting a whole lot easier. Mine is only 22x16 and I couldn't imagine living without it.

kirsten said...

my mouth is watering - that chocolate photo is really pretty ... and effective.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know what you mean about Blogging. My hubby was a guest writer 2 weeks ago, and I've been slacking since. C'mon, we can do it (I think I can, rpt.)!
Regardless, you have a nice list of activities and productions for us to experience vicariously. You're one busy mama.
Can't wait to see your studio. :)

martha said...

Oh, I'm glad you're back:) And envious of your craft room and huge cutting mat. I think your mat is bigger than my house....

Poshyarns said...

Oooh, your calendar offering looks very interesting, really lovely.

I am coveting your studio too, dining room table for me, sigh.