Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New House::9 more days

it is hard to believe that we only have a few more days until we get the keys to the new place. for the time being we are keeping ourselves busy packing boxes and trying to not feel overwhelmed by the lack of space. right now my work in progress (WIP) is purging and packing items. actually the amount of purging has been less then i would have thought. i think more will happen when we unpack, or at least that is my hope.

the other day i came to the sad realization that i would probably not get around to many of the projects i want to be doing and so i started packing things up. into boxes when all of my yarn, fabric, ribbons and more. i did keep my buttons out because i knew that i was participating in the Vintage Button Swap. i also kept a few bits of fabric and cut out lamb pieces in order to finish some baby gifts but we will see if i get to those.

the last time i posted i talked about a birthday gift i was in the process of making. the outcome was quite pleasing. i did some fabric applique on a shirt to match a pair of pants and then carried the pattern over into a book bag i stitched together. i also experimented with applying a freezer paper stencil on the front with the birthday girls initial. the next task i would like to make are few bags for Miss A to keep in the car, maybe hung over the front seats, in order to put books and toys in.

i am looking forward to having my very own sewing room where i can spread projects out and just close the door when done working on them. it is will be quite a change from the way it has been.


Violet & Rose said...

Love the green and pink colour combination! Good luck with the packing and unpacking. And yes, a room to sew in. Not just a dining table. Keep that in mind as you are packing and cursing the packing.

mama without instructions said...

the lamb and the stencil are both great! moving is so very hard. best of luck!

Ali said...

I think it's easier to purge at the new place somehow. When it's a question of finding a place to store it or tossing it, tossing it often seems the easier option.

Good luck!

SadieandLance said...

Congratulations on the new house! I looked at the photos you linked and it looks fabulous! Well done on the sewing room thing too, I'm jealous.

I love your little lambs too, they're so cute.

Wendy said...

Lovely birthday gift. Lots of luck with the move and I'm glad I won't be doing house craft alone. So exciting for you. A sewing room to yourself..... fantastic!

jessica said...

thanks for the link