Tuesday, June 12, 2007

wrapped up

I have been finding some time in the studio recently to work and it feels good. My sister has been so generous as to watch Miss. A once a week and that has been a big blessing. Having a full day to work on projects makes all the difference. Currently I am wrapping up my work and getting to the end of a long and productive day. It is enjoyable to see that such times produce good results.

I am continuing to work with linen and gauze fabrics that are perfect for summer. It is funny that in the midst of making items for the shop and for others I often forget about myself. One of these times I will keep a scarf or two for myself.

Along with this work I have also been working on a bit of a strange request from my brother/sister-in-law. The request is for a sleeping/docking station for a Blackberry. This item is to be a birthday gift and I have found the appeal to be a fun challenge.

I am currently awaiting approval on color/design and will go from there. This is one of those projects I am looking forward to the end result because I want to see how my mental picture is going to be transformed into a reality. They are never quite the same are they?


A&P said...

Love the new dark scarf, & can't wait to see the Blackberry cozy.
Your last statement caught my ear. Do you think that (projects not ending up looking like you imagined)is a good/bad/necessary thing?

Sonya said...

I need your sister! Love the scarves, so dapper and beautiful.

tracy said...

somehow missed these scarves - love!

jessica said...

will you show the end result?

Patricia said...

beautiful scarf!

Di said...

Sounds like you are having fun having your creativity tested by a design challenge!!

I love the scarves!!