Wednesday, February 21, 2007

finds of the day

just wanted to post a few sites that caught my eye today.

::DWR just announced the winners of the Annual Champagne Chair Contest.

::Some interesting USA Architecture as they like to call it. I am enjoying the modern houses from around the states.

::Print&Patterns mention of Hanna Werning. Always something fun to look at.

::11.5 foot wide house. This is actually an older link from the site be bought our house numbers from. The story of this place is quite stunning and I was reminded of it when looking at USAarchitecture.

now back to the evening at hand.


tracy said...

ooh good stuff. thanks!

UNIFORM Studio said...

I love that house. My dream has always been to build a very narrow house bound by buildings on the sides like this. I remember seeing this house published several years ago when we were seriously thinking of moving to canada (in the early bush years....) and telling my husband -we can do this!