Saturday, February 17, 2007

wall art::1

after a good seven months in this house we are just now getting around to hanging things on walls. it is just such a hard task. we have a lot of art; both framed and unframed. actually much of the work we own is sitting in the basement waiting for either a frame or for us to rediscover it. despite the collection we already have we now feel the need to buy new things. recently Daniel acquired a bit of art for Miss. A while her and I were in Seattle. the truth of the matter is that he is the true artist/graphic designer in the family who loves to research and track down items. this most recent piece is by Hanna Werning. Miss. A loves the many different animals layered within the poster.

while shopping for this piece he also found the poster hangers designed by Jorgen Moller. there are now a few bits of art around the house being hung in the same manner.

i believe there is no stopping him now because as i sit here and type three different things have been either hung or rearranged. this has just made its way onto the wall but that is for another post.

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nonlineargirl said...

Hey, thanks for the Jorgen Moller link. That is exactly what I have been looking for.