Sunday, February 04, 2007

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So I was away from the blog world for a few days and when I tried to post they forced me to signup with google blogger. I have been avoiding the transition for some time and still have no idea what it all means but wanted to post so I made the switch, maybe it is time I changed over to Typepad. Not only have I been away from the computer a lot this week but I have also made some distance between fabric stores and myself. Yes, I made a vow to myself that after the show was over I would not walk into a fabric store for at least two weeks. So far it has not been that hard seeing that the amount of trips per week/day I was making turned out to be a bit overwhelming. Along with the fabric store I have yet to touch my sewing machine other than to sew on a bit of Velcro to diapers I made for Miss. A's baby. Her baby obsession has compounded since visiting relatives last week, so much so that Daniel had to confiscate all but the one she came back with. At least until she stops asking for a baby every time she wakes up.

This past week Miss. A and I made the most of our time and took a lot of trips to both the Science and Children's Museums. As a family we even ventured out on Friday evening to enjoy the opening exhibit Viscious Fishes. We had a great time staying up way past Miss. A's bed time and looking at all of the amazing snakes and fishes. We are really looking forward to the next exhibit Body Worlds3 to come to OMSI. The tickets go on sale the first of March and the show does not even open until June. I have a feeling it is going to be incredible and worth all the wait.

It feels good to take a bit of a break from sewing for a few days and catch up on other things. This is not to say I have not been busy with knitting. There is many an unfinished project laying around for me to work on. We also worked a bit on the house. Something that was unplanned but much needed. We have been intending to rip out the carpet in the den for some time and get moving on the transformation. So for a great Saturday night date we did just that. All of the dirty brown shag carpet came out in about an hour and we are once again motivated to get the room finished. Now it is just a matter of painting every last square inch of the place. That will be for another day.

Tomorrow Miss. A and I will be heading up to Seattle for a nice mini vacation with my sister. She had her second child, a little girl, three weeks ago and we will be up there helping out while her husband is out of town on work. We are quite excited to see the little girl who made her way into the world three weeks early. I foresee a lot of great walking around Green Lake and Alki. My sister is very active and there is noting that will keep her in the house not even two children less than 16 months old. We always have a wonderful time together and it will be great with it being just the two of the kids and us, something that I cant remember happening in the past five plus years.

I am currently trying to finish a few gifts to take up with me. We will see how productive naptime is today.


meg said...

yay - have a fun trip. i have a sister due w/her second (also a little girl) any day now. i can't wait!

beki said...

Your trip sounds like fun!
It sounds like your sewing break and this little vacation are just what you need to recharge your batteries. Enjoy!!

nonlineargirl said...

I saw the body exhibit in LA a couple of years ago. It was fascinating. I am not sure how a young child would respond - since they don't have the concept of how the body works it would be interesting to see.

kirsten said...

good for you avoiding the fabric store! i have such a stash i'm trying to do that, too.

(poor Miss A - taking all her babies away!!!)

have a great time at your sisters.

A&P said...

Great to hear you're 'enjoying the moment' again - or, moments other than those related to sewing!