Sunday, February 18, 2007

R is for Russian

Saturday was an amazing day of sun and warm weather. It was enough to get everyone outdoors and enjoy a bit of it. Just the sight of sun put people in a good mood, my self included. Early yesterday morning the whole family hurried around getting dressed and fed before piling into the car to visit a few estate sales. We love doing this but it always tends to be an after thought meaning we get there in the afternoon. This time we arrived before the sale even opened and there was a line and people had numbers. We had imagined things like this but this time we were those people. It was quite funny to be there among the collectors and sellers. We felt a bit funny but it was interesting at the same time to get a glimpse into this subculture.

The first sale was amazing in that they had already had a sale the previous week and they still has so much stuff. I love seeing all the different things obtain over the years. Their interests ranged from photography to knitting, sewing to screenprinting, Russia to wood cuts and many more things. We actually only walked away with a few items most of which were Russian books. There was an amazing children's text book and a 1974 calendar which has a collection of many images including sewing and knitting instructions for Russian garments. I am quite excited to see if a friend of mine will be nice enough to translate for me.

The second estate sale we stopped by because they advertised having a letterpress. When we arrived a line was still out the door. We wavered but decided to wait it out. The press was still there but the type was sold. It press was actually selling for quite cheep considering we were seareiously thinking that if the type had been there still we would have gone for it. This is not the first press we have looked into but we know that we can take our time on something like this. I will admit we were a bit sad when we saw the proofing press being taken away by a lucky buyer before we even got into the house. Now that would have been a great purchase.

After the last sale we walked up the street to a little shop for lunch and then to a children's bookstore. Before walking in we agreed to not buying a thing but of course that did not hold. We discovered the book BLUE2by David A. Carter, it was something we could not pass up.

I believe the whole family is interested in pop-up books every since Miss. A received MOMMY? for Christmas. Despite being frightened of MOMMY? at first Miss. A has now warmed up to it and will want to 'read' it three times in one sitting if she gets the chance.

When we got home from our long family outing Miss. A took a very long nap while we did chores around the house. I was able to get out in the yard and get a few things done between the visits from neighbors walking by. It was nice to see people coming out of their houses for walks to enjoy the weather. I can tell that as the sun starts to show itself a bit more we will be seeing more of our new neighbors.


kirsten said...

nice finds! too bad about the press, but the russian book is awesome.

(and i just clicked over to mommy? - i think i'd be scared of that one! :)

A&P said...

God, wasn't Sat. the most amazing day?! Glad you got out & enjoyed it.

Have you guys come across the nightmares pop-up book. That's also a scary one (go figure).

amy h said...

Sorry you just missed the press! That is a pretty cool book. Elise still tries to rip pop-up books, so we haven't really started a collection yet.

Alicia A. said...

an estate sale with printing presses... sounds like a dream. :)