Thursday, February 01, 2007

once a month for a year

So I guess this post should have been written yesterday since it was the last day of the month but that didn't happen and I’m ok with that. My intention is to write at the end of each month to display the calendar page for that month. I want to do this in order to display the images from the swap I participated in last year. Marianne put together an enjoyable calendar swap where each woman designed a calendar page and then send one to every particapent. I truly grew from process of making the page but the thing I am taking the most pleasure in right now is looking at other people’s pages each month. In January I viewed the art of Robyn a great collection of mixed media. Each month I am excited bring all of you the work of women from around the world.

Another thing that I will be enjoying each month this year is knitting a hat.

This year some of my friends and I have decided to knit a hat a month for a year. Our intention is to gather what we have knit by December and donate them to an organization in need. We have talked about knitting for charity over the past few years but the topic always comes up in December when there is little time to get everything done. So this year we are pacing ourselves. I am looking forward to experimenting with new designs knowing that the end result will be a gift for someone in need.


Anonymous said...

love the hat a month idea. and thanks for sharing the calendar too!

kirsten said...

yeah, the hat idea is great. (but i'm distracted by all those rotary cutters... mmmmm)

Poshyarns said...

Oh the hat idea is such a good one, well done for taking part.

Glad to hear the show went well, the first time you do something like that is hard. You must have been exhausted afterwards.