Monday, June 05, 2006

month 11

11 months
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It is amazing for me to think that Ms. A was born eleven months ago. Life has changes so much for us this past year and it is all for the better. She started out so small and needy and has grown into quite the independent child already. Now being mobile she is ready to get out on her own and discover all there is. Her keen sense of observation makes us wonder what it is she is truly planning in that little mind of hers. Since the day she was born she has had a furrowed brow, something inherited from Daniel. Many say she looks worried but we believe that it is her pensive observation of the world. We can only imagine what the following eleven months will bring.


Wendy said...

Oh Christina what a little sweetie, the time goes so quickly when they are growing up and before you know it you are at their show like I was. It only seems like yesterday Lucy was this small. If you look on Lucy's blog under Laser cuts you will see the pieces the machine cut. Wendy

Wendy said...

Christina, have you disappeared?