Wednesday, May 31, 2006

across the world and around the corner

This week has been filled with many packages coming and going around the world. It is quite fun both to go to the post office to send packages and also to receive them. I guess once you start participating in swaps the mail just starts to come in at the end of the month. Yesterday a package showed up from Australia, Marianne sent me a wonderful little package filled not only with a smock pattern but also a few goodies. There were some of her award-winning crocheted flowers, some hand-made felt, buttons and chocolate along with a postcard she made. Thank you Marianne, a package is in the mail for you and the girls.

I also was able to ship my trim swap package yesterday, nothing like waiting till the day of the deadline to send something. It was a lot of fun putting this gift together I am looking forward to Wendy receiving it. Here is a sneak peek of what was sent.

And then today I received a package from my swap partner. It just happens that she lives within thirty blocks of me, quite funny I would say. Stephanie gave me quite a generous lot of trim and also added one of her amazing pinecone pincushion. I have admired her blog for some time now and it is just so much fun to receive some of her work, to think that we are practically neighbors. We may run into one another at the market some day soon.

On top of all the swapping of packages I have been quite productive in the knitting world. Friday evening I finished two projects one was the Zebra that I wrote about a while back and another was a bird (looks a bit like a pig) for Ms. A. Both projects had been 99% done but I just needed a rainy evening to finish things off. I also picked up and worked on a pair of socks that have been almost done since February, when I intended to give them to my sister for her birthday. Well they are getting there.


meg said...

Your zebra is adorable!

mama without instructions said...

i love the zebra! i have tried and failed at knitting a couple fo times and am so very impressed with the level of complexity. so cute.

Wendy said...

I have just returned home today from my daughters exhibition which was truly wonderful (i am a little biased though)to find your wonderful gift. I can't thank you enough, everything is so lovely and beautifuuly packaged. You are very kind. Now I have you blog to keep watching also. Wendy