Saturday, May 20, 2006

life revisited:or the weeks in reverse

For the past few weeks it feels as if so much has happened that I don't want to attempt a new entry. So my solution is to submit photo montages for the first few weeks of May. How else and I going to have time to describe all that has take place?

Derby Day was quite a wonderful event that we happened to squeeze into a weekend of hosting a baby shower, work deadlines and visits from my sister and her family. Today we are off to enjoy viewing the Preakness Stakes race with a few friends.

Throughout the past few weeks I have been working on too many projects. I have been so inspired and motivated by different things that it is hard to keep all the ideas straight. There have been freezer paper projects, whip lash challenges, knitting, tie one on smock, sewing shirts for Ms. A, and then my mothers day gift of a Gocco machine showed up. The motivation to keep going is endless but the time to do it all is minimal. I am always bemused by the lack of time there is when you have a little one running around underfoot. I have to remember to take the time I have and use it wisely but also to write ideas and inspiration down so I don't forget them before they are realized.

And here is a quick snippet of life. We have been enjoying the days of wonderful sun and warm weather. They have lent themselves to many walks, dinners out and afternoons at the park. Mothers day was even a sunny one and it made for a perfect day to attempt my first half marathon. I had decided back in January that it would be my gift to myself, inspiration to get back into shape after having Ms. A. To my supurse it went well and I reached all of the goals that I set out for myself.

This weekend I hope to finish a project or two. One being the smock for Tie One On and another being an oilcloth mat to go under the high chair. We will see what the weekend produces.

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nonlineargirl said...

Hats, it's all about the hats. I'm not especially into horse racing, but I've been to the Kentucky Derby in a big straw hat. And now I have my grandmother's hats, several of which are perfect for fancy hat parties.