Wednesday, May 10, 2006

mammal reincarnate

mammal tee day
Originally uploaded by devinemom.

It is just so easy. I have been experimenting with freezer paper stencils and found instant gratification from it. The process is quite easy once settled on a design and I have been able to finish a shirt during one of A's naps. This is quite nice seeing that many of the other projects I pick up during her nap time are quite often set aside unfinished. Todays inspiration came from her Mammal, an over stuffed toy that she enjoys playing on at times. After her nap this morning we enjoyed some time 'riding' the mammal in the sun.


Bridgermama said...

love the "mammal," where did you get it?

Dutch said...

excellent shirt, excellent toy. I couldn't find it on that website though. maybe you guys got the last one.

devinemom said...

dutch, they may be out of stock but i got the image of the mammal off their website just last week. it may be up again soon but we bought it over a year ago. as for the shirts they are quite easy to make its quite addicting. i can make a special order for juniper if you like.

nonlineargirl said...

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but forced myself to find an image (and print it out!) before buying the freezer paper. Thanks for the reminder!