Monday, May 01, 2006

Pastime:Buy Time

As little A gets bigger nap times are getting shorter and I am getting very little done. The nice part is that she is finding herself being entertained with the little things in life. Most recently I have introduced her to the plastic drawer and it has bought me some time. This afternoon when A woke up I was in the middle of washing dishes and decided to test out the drawer trick. So for the next twenty minutes she was fully absorbed while I attempted to finished my many tasks. It is a bit of a tight squeeze considering our kitchen is smaller than that of a Brooklyn Brownstone's but for now it is working well for both of us.


Bridgermama said...

Unfortunately, in a state of desperation, B has already been given all the plastic kitchen-ware in the home. Maybe the knives? ;)

nonlineargirl said...

Great shirt! Ada loves the plastic containers too. I plunk her down in front of it when I need to do something in the kitchen. Fun for the whole family.