Monday, June 12, 2006

::color week:: white

this week i will be participating in Little Birds color week challenge. i am looking forward to it because it give me subject matter for my blog and it keeps my eyes open for new things. this weekend we were out quite a bit and were able to take some wonderful photos. this image of 'white' is from a wonderful coffee shop in Hood River, OR. we traveled there on Sunday for the day. this chair is from our favorite little coffee shop there that has some amazing modern design furniture.

monday :: white
tuesday :: brown
wednesday :: black/gray (a color, not a black & white photo)
thursday :: blue
friday :: red

i know it has been quite some time since i last wrote and i am sorry for that. things around here have been quite busy with guests, projects and little Ms. A. we are busy trying to plan her birthday and make her invitations. it is always quite a production when there is a graphic designer in the house, nothing is ever simple. i know they are going to look wonderful but it is just all the steps that go into designing them. i am quite excited to use my Gocco machine for the first time it will be quite a change from letterpress which we have used in the past.

for this week i am going to focus on posting my color week photos and working on my many projects around the house. i will try to post more often these next few weeks.


Wendy said...

Nice to see you are still about. That coffee shop looks worth a visit.

mama without instructions said...

i am so curious about the gocco machine. i have been thinking about getting one for years. i would love to see the results!

Violet & Rose said...

That is a great white shot. Looking forward to seeing the invitations. I love making party invitations and would love it even more if I had a gocco!