Tuesday, June 13, 2006

cornstarch/water entertainment

one of our new favorite pastimes is to play with a bowl of cornstarch and water. Ms. A had quite a bit of fun with this one the other day. i got this idea from Such Small Hands and we are going to be playing with this a lot more.

she was very excited not only to play with the stuff but i guess she thought it tasted good as well. i am thinking that there is little harm in a bit of the old starch and water getting into the system.

she was quite content until she got distracted by the other things around the house but the good news is that it is easy to clean up.


marianne said...

this looks like fun..i'll have to give it a go with Charlie..although Rose will probably love it too. Miss A is just adorable ...I had my fingers crossed that Charlotte would stay blue eyed but they changed to dark chocolate brown at 6 months and Rose's are almost black...).Your post card arrived last week and has been proudly on display and used for show and tell.."My friend Christina sent me this".....and your wonderful parcel turned up today! Thank you so much, the girls will love their treats and despite sewing for ever I don't own a needle book. I love this one!And all the rest! Pics up on the blog soon so everyone can see how spoilt I am...will let you know when they go up

LillieBug said...

Now, this looks like the kind of activity my kid would really get into...and get all over the place! :)

Ali said...

Oh you are brave - indoors! Looks like she really had fun.