Friday, June 16, 2006

::color week::red

a basket of road side diner fries never tasted so good as when they are presented to you on red and white checkered paper. i love fries, they are my weaknesses, yet the amount of time they are good are far few and in between. why is that? it is like fish-n-chips. i would order them all the time when going to pubs and bars and they were never as good as they sounded. now we had a pact if i want to buy fish-n-chips Daniel will remind me that i only like them at select places and that i should not set myself up for disappointment. why has it taken me so long to realize this?


Wendy said...

you need to try English fish and chips beside the sea.

marianne said...

now I'm really beginning to get spooked...Chips ( fries!)are my weakness too but they absolutely must be great and superb chips. Homemade is best (but what to do with all of that oil) but I have a few places that I can go to indulge when I really must! Yet another good reason to run ( if you needed any more)
Love the photo - what type of camera are you using? - the close ups you take are so good.