Monday, June 19, 2006

gocco initiation

well we used our new gocco machine over the weekend for the first time.

it was quite the adventure but a lot of fun. working with the inks reminded me of the many hours spent in the letterpress lab during colledge. working with Daniel on this project brought back memories of working well into the night on our wedding invitations, setting type, mixing inks and finagling with type no end. i find it hard to believe that we are going on five years this August. it always takes a bit of time familiarize ones self with a new product. we had a lot of fun working on this together and are now moving on to fabrics. there are just so many fun things you can do with the Gocco.

but for now i guess i should keep my focus on the party planning for now. my biggest hang up is not the decorations but the food. if any of you have suggestions as to food for a one year birthday i would love to hear them.

on a more random photo fit in of the girl who love to swing.


Wendy said...

I love that name gocco it sounds like a little creature. We are just about to make my little girls invitations she is going to be 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Your work so far looks fantastic can't wait to see more. Your daughter looks so happy in that swing.

nonlineargirl said...

one year olds can eat lots of good things, so maybe you could feature them. Berries! Berries BERRIES! I gave Ada raspberries this week (I figure that a week from 1 is close enough) and she loves them. Maybe other fruit cut into pieces for little fingers.

What day was your gal born? We are having a 7/1 party too, but mine was born 6/27.

marianne said...

You have a gocco - I am sooo jealous! I keep looking at them but I just can't decide with all of the hoo ha over them shutting up shop. I'm still cutting lino blocks and single use stencils. The invites look great and Miss A is really just edible herself. As for party food- milk arrowroots biscuits( plain and sweet!) with icing and smartie faces are always a hit here. And my girls just love fairy bread!

Julie said...

Im also jealous!! Congratulations!! We are also celebrating a first birthday! But we dont have printed invites like your lovely ones!!

Tracy said...

love these - did you gocco the image of a too - of just the type? turned out great!!

hannah said...

those invites look great! i love it! did you print the image of your daughter and then gocco the text? and did you use the fabric stamper on paper? what a great idea, no hassle of trying to line it up!