Sunday, May 06, 2007


Time has flown and we are now heading into the second week of May. How did that happen? Well there has not been a dull moment around here and at least we have been productive. This past weekend we found ourselves going out on a friday evening to an opening. Now this is something we have not done in a long time and it was the first time we had actually bought a piece of work at a show. For quite some time Daniel has talked about how much he likes Matthew Feyld's work and so for part of his birthday gift I decided we better check his work our for ourselves. It was well worth it and we are now looking forward to picking up or piece at the end of the month.

On Saturday we enjoyed a quick visit from my mother in the morning and then Daniel and I were off to our annual Derby Day party. As always the show of hats were entertaining, the race was exhilarating and the company enjoyable. It is always fun to participate in something like that and as an added bonus we got to see the Queen this year. This was her first trip to see the Kentucky Derby.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to playing in the first soccer game of the season. The weather is expected to be in the mid 70's. Just what I need when I have not touched a soccer ball in over nine months. Both Daniel and I have played on the same team for the past four years and it is always a lot of fun playing on Monday nights. Unfortunately Daniel is out for the season due to a knee injury. So this time around he is the childcare which I guess is a good thing since Miss. A would not have done as well being in her pack-n-play the whole game like last year, I don't think she has missed a game yet. Actually she went to her first game when she was seven days old.


kirsten said...

PLEASE tell me you weren't playing when she was 7 days old! you were just there to watch that time, right? :)

melissa f. said...

that's what i call a weekend! nice job getting out to an opening like that... i know you've been itching to.

andrea said...

love the photobooth shot... (naturally)

mariannealice said...

see , now that's just weird..I played soccer for years as well- are you sure we're not related....distantly!Go girl,go!