Tuesday, May 29, 2007

outside vs. shop update

the sun is out and it is hard to get Miss. A inside for a nap or at the end of the day for that matter. she is in love with the sun, dirt, grass, water and anything that is outside. this afternoon i made the mistake of trying to transition straight from the car into the house for a nap. she insisted in playing for a little bit in the yard which in turn only made the inevitable nap that much harder. as she was going dow she was crying for 'outside' and then just fifteen minutes ago she was talking in her sleep about outside. i have a feeling that very few days are going to be spent indoors this summer.

that said my work will be trickling into the shop this week. i am quite excited about the new items i have been making and hope to continue exploring new fabrics and designs.

just this afternoon i was in my studio working with some new linen gauze. the light weight texture is wonderful for summer scarves and i love the way it falls when wrapped and layered.

i have also been working on a few new library+market totes.

in addition i will be adding patchwork bibs and burp rag sets.

but for the rest of today we will be enjoying the sun. oh yah and trying to not get burnt, poor Miss. A is subject a few burns in her life thanks to my fair skin. just yesterday we discovered her first few freckles. they are quite cute i will admit but we are taking no risks and making sure to lather her with sunscreen every few hours.


kirsten said...

ah, outside time. i know what you mean. i've taught my boys the'first THIS than THAT' concept to help with that - kids seem to think that if they come in for lunch or naps they'll never come back outside - ever. so we do 'first naps, then outside' and that seems to help.
all your stuff for the shop looks great!

A&P said...

Linen gauze - than sounds nice; Ahhhhhhh...

Again, sorry to equivocate my pets with your kids, but my cats love to play outside with me in the evenings 'until the street lights come on' (that used to be my Come Home cue). Guess the only difference is... nevermind, there's too many to point out. Have fun outside!

amy h said...

Yes, we're having a hard time getting the indoor stuff done lately. Elise would live outdoors if she could. You still seem to be managing to get a lot done though!

nicole said...

The summer scarf is just great. Keep having fun in the outdoors!

Summer said...

your site and work is absolutely beautiful. i will be linking you on my site today. how old is your daughter? it looks like we have children rather close in age in the same town!