Tuesday, April 17, 2007

love all around

I am not sure who was more excited last week when our package from UNIFORM Studio arrived. Miss. A has fallen in love all over again with a new coat. The amount of compliments we have received makes me think we need to start carrying around Martha's business cards to pass out. The only trouble now is getting Miss. A to choose between her newest jacket and her winter one we got back in November. At this rate Miss. A is going to have a small archive of Martha's clothing line spanning her childhood which I would not object to.

This past weekends sale went well and was a lot of fun. I enjoyed meeting many new people and getting to see old friends who stopped by for support. Crafty Wonderland is an enjoyable venue to experience both as a buyer and seller. I was hoping to update my shop following the sale but due to the depletion in stock I am going to need a few more days to work on more items. During the sale my table was setup across from Old School Stationers and I admired a piece of work the whole time. By the end of the sale I just had to make a purchase and Miss. A truly enjoys saying 'hi' to her rabbits as she leaves her room.

It was a lot of fun getting together my package for the vintage button swap. I believe it has been since the last button swap that I had done something like this and it was nice to get back into putting a little something together for someone in a different country. I am looking forward to getting my package in the mail.

I do hope to get back into to blogging more regularly but I will make no promises. For now I need to work on uploading three cards worth of images to the computer, I am a bit behind on that. Have a wonderful rest of the week if I am not back before then.


Carmen said...

I'm glad to hear you did so well at the sale. Not a bad thing to have your stock depleted! And I absolutely adore the bunnies on the sea. I would have snatched that up too!

meg said...

good sale + good mail = good week! glad to hear things are going well!

Oiyi said...

Lovely coats and lovely painting! I just got my button swap package and it was great!

Rachel said...

That painting is right up my alley! I love the colors! Miss A is a lucky girl.

UNIFORM Studio said...

I am so glad she likes her coats:)
The print is really great and I'm happy you did so well at the sale!
The apron is really lovely and on it's way with the towels to my SIL. She will love them.

andrea said...

I was so hoping to get out to crafty wonderland this past sunday... looked like loads of fun. hopefully in may (fingers crossed)... do you set up each month? would love to see your fabulous work up close!

p.s. those coats are so very adorable.


Ha... all packed up and ready to go:)

melissa said...

so glad your sales went well- but i'm not surprised!
i love Miss A's new coats. I'm going to have to start watching Martha's shop for updates to get one for my son- they're just beautiful.