Friday, April 20, 2007

light reading

So back at the end of March I picked up the wonderful Maritime Garden Guide. I felt inspired to work hard in the garden and get a raised bed set up. Actually that weekend we even started making a new compost bin in order to move the current one. The one we have now is taking up prime real estate in the sunniest part of the yard. The guide has been quite inspiring but between all the time consuming events since the end of march we have not made any further progress.

The plan for this weekend is to finish the compost bin just in time for Earth Day and get a bit more reading done with both the Maritime Guide and my first (three weeks old now) issue of Selvedge. I have read a few of the articles and am looking forward to the rest. I am also tempted by many of the books in their Bookshop issue as well. I can just see the bank account being depleted by the end of the weekend. But that actually may be due to the home repairs we are getting quotes on. Oh the fun of owning a home.

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nonlineargirl said...

I'm impressed that you are starting everything from seed. I am too impatient (or too lazy, or both) to do that. Most things I buy as starts, except peas and beans I planted as seeds. (Can you say seeds in this case, when it is just planting dried peas and beans?)

Raised beds are great - this is the first year we are using them. We built two in the front garden and then waited about 3 weeks for a span of clear weather so that the dirt we purchased to fill them would not arrive in the rain.