Monday, October 30, 2006

sneak peek

so i have been absent from blogging for a good reason: productivity. this past week i have been working on the final touches to halloween costumes and other house related projects. Miss. A's costume is finished and for the most part she is accepting the fact that she is wearing foe fir. her trial run on Saturday evening went well and we hope for the same tomorrow. this evening i am finishing a costume for a friend of ours. he has commissioned me to make him a costume of Baseball Furies from the movie The Warriors. it has been quite fun getting paid to make something, i am at liberty to do as i see fit.

other projects that i am working on are window coverings for Miss. A's room. she is now moved into her room but it is a bit cold without shades. i am working with a pattern from Two Straight Lines. i love the simple design and i enjoy everything about it with the exception of the coral color which dominates and may be a bit overpowering for the room. i would love to get done with them soon but we will see what comes of them. i am also slowly working on getting my studio done and we are still picking out the color for our bedroom. so for now we are still sleeping in the den and my sewing and knitting things are in the basement or in boxes.

seeing that is it now almost ten i should stop procrastinating and finish this costume. the good news is that i have The Warriors playing in the background for a bit of entertainment and/or distraction.


kirsten said...

love it! can't wait to see the full costume - and her curtains look great!

beki said...

I can't wait to see more than just sneak peeks!

blair said...

this post looks quite productive. How did we all get so busy? I got off very easy with Halloween costumes this year, which I needed a break on.