Friday, October 20, 2006


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i believe i have conquered the abyss of emails sitting in my in-box. this is an ongoing battle with me. the other day i started to sort through the five pages of well over five-hundred emails. quite a task to take on. in there were many unanswered comments from my blog and i am sorry for that. i do intend to get back to each and every person that writes but it is hard. the good news is that i have gone through all of my emails. i have filed, sorted, erased and replied to them all. some of you may end up with a few emails from me in the morning, sorry for the backlog but i tried. as for others i am sorry if i was unable to write but there are many of you who have 'anonymous' return addresses. many times i tired to track down your email via your blog but other times i was unsuccessful.

i truly love reading and responding to everyone who writes. my goal is to try and stay up to date a bit more. maybe reply within a week. i will at least start with that goal in mind.


meg said...

i have the same problem (you don't need to respond...)
have a great weekend!

blair said...

Its very very tough to respond to all the comments we get. I feel guilty about it too, because I love the exchange part of correspondence like that. Unfortunately, there's not enough time. We do what we can. If you have a secret for getting through your in box, please share.

melissa f. said...

oh christina-- don't let it get to be a burden! delete delete. respond when you are able and let go the rest. seriously.

justine said...

thanks so much for stopping by, I'm glad that I could help with your inspiration to start a journal again.
Don't stress to much about the emails, just let readers know every now and again how much you love recieving their comments :)

Wendy said...

Certainly don't spend your precious time responding to my comments. My way of communicating with little time is to leave you a comment. well done on getting through all those though, you must feel very satisfied.

mangetsu said...

Do you know how many times I wanted to answer one of your comments?
I am always so happy to have so much feedback and intend to get back to everyone who took the time to leave a comment on my blog but it never works. And I am feeling bad about that. These and all the unanswered emails... I don't know how to do it. I guess it doesn't help that normally it feels more urgent to craft something new than to go through my inbox...
Have fun with creating, too! ;-)