Sunday, October 01, 2006


today was the day for finding things.

i found the yarn today. a friend of mine informed me this past week that a yarn shop in town had one skein left of my color. i had forgotten this information until today as i was unpacking a box in my studio and came across the sweater again. yes that's right i started to unpack a box for that room but it got put by the wayside as i flew out the door to the yarn shop. you see i have to do things like run to the yarn shop when i remember or i will forget for weeks. it was amazing the shop had the yarn. when i got home Daniel asked if it was from the same dye lot and i said it didn't even matter i just wanted the sweater done with. once home i started working on it and did not want to stop.

it was finished this evening as we watched some Netflix of Lost. i will have a finished shot of it soon.
while working in the yard today we found a few other more interesting items. moving into a new place is a bit like going on an archeological dig you find the remnants of people before you. we have found newspaper clippings of a small child, a sliver of comic strip tucked in the cracks of the floor, an abandoned spork left in the kitchen drawer, straight pins stuck in the wallpaper of the bathroom and more. all of these things reflect some small bit of the people who lived here before us. it is interesting how these forgotten items are shaping our perception of who they are.

today we added to the list of evidence a few more items. while i was dumping a house plant that had long been dead by the time we moved in i fond at the bottom a wonderful Melmac plate.

it had been placed at the bottom to help with drainage but as i washed it off i fell in love. it is in perfect condition and i wish the whole set was there. while daniel was sorting through a pile of wood he found a scrap of wood that someone had documented a design for wood steps. the person was meticulous on detail and materials.

to think of the life that was lived here before us... it is a wonder what we will unknowingly leave for others to find.

::a shot of Miss. A's room. it only needs one more coat of paint but we are getting there::


kirsten said...

i can't believe that your husband asked if it was the same dye lot!
what a guy! :)

Wendy said...

How wonderful to find that wool, can't wait to see the finished item. All those treasures you have found little pieces of others lives.

rachel said...

What a great post! We will be buying a house this next spring, and I love the idea of finding out little bits of information about the previous owners. And I absolutely ADORE Miss A's room color!

Carmen said...

Nice plate. Gotta love when pretty stuff just falls into your lap like that.