Friday, September 08, 2006

WIP [or] regression of work

last week i was quite excited about getting back into knitting. i forced myself to work quite diligently on my sweater. i woke up Saturday morning and went straight to blocking the sweater pieces that had been waiting around so patiently for the past two years or so. blocking went quickly as i listened to Music from Big Pink. this album brings back so many fond memories of my childhood playing around in my fathers studio. he is a painter and we would spend Saterday afternoons painting or drawing together. i would always try to convince him to draw me but would grow tired or need to move after such a short period of time. i am not quite sure how he had the patience for it. ::ok enough of the memories back to the regression of my sweater:: once blocked i started sewing up the armholes and then moved on to finishing the neck. sunday evening i picked up my work again and knit like crazy knowing that there were only a few inches left before it would be finished. as time went on i realized that there was a good chance that i was running out of yarn. that is always a problem it is like cutting your fabric to short, you have a hard time recovering from the mistake. in the back of my mind i am still thinking that i have an extra skein in my box of yarn but have yet to locate it. another problem with the whole thing is that they discontinued the yarn about a year ago and so there are very few places that actually even have it in stock. so now i am left with trying to figure out the next step and whenever that happens i move onto another project or four. i have now picked up a new project of socks and i am sewing some pillows for Miss. A's room. she loves to dive into them.

i will leave you with a photo from a year ago today. this is of Miss. A and Daniel when we were visiting Idaho last year. we have a family cabin on lake Ponderay that we would like to make it to each year but right now it is about every other. we went last year when Miss. A was two months old and it was quite fun.


kirsten said...

i know what you mean about walking away from a project that you're frustrated. i just picked up a quilt i started 2 years ago! it was crooked and it made me mad - i just finished the top. oh well. you'll come back to it when you're ready!

melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your yarn worries. Hope you find the extra skein!
That picture of Miss A and Daniel is lovely. We find it quite hard to make the effort to go away on holiday with the little ones, but it's always so worth it.

Wendy said...

I am still knitting a shawl for my sisters baby. He is 3 now but I will still have to give it to her. I do hope you find your yarn.

lildb said...

I'm so jealous of the lake house. My grandparents lived near Lake Ponderay during the summer every year (granted, it was in a motor home, but I thought that was realy cool when I was all of six years old). I loved that lake. but LOVED it.

you lucky thing.

Linda said...

I am jealous as well. My husband and I almost moved up there a few years back. Maybe someday :) It really is gorgeous up there.