Monday, September 11, 2006


though summer is officially over and kids are back in school it feels as if it is just getting started here. we have had family visiting throughout the past few weeks and we have been getting out a bit more enjoying the world outside of our new home. it is amazing how much time a new house can take even if things feel like they are not getting done.

on wednesday my mother came up and stayed for a few days. the minute i found out that she was on her way up i made a hair appointment. it was the first time in months i got a cut and it felt so good to sit down for an hour and have someone else worry about me. while here she wanted to help with Miss. A as much as she could so that i could unpack or do something but i was almost dilapidated by that freedom. i had no big projects lined up and so little got done i felt like things were getting done all out of order. last weekend we sorted through all of the magazine, newspaper and written recipe collected over the years and so i started to type them up. this is a very long term project and not top on my list but nonetheless i started with that project. i should have been organizing the bathroom or unpacking a box in Miss. A's room but no i decided to waste my time on something else. how is it that one actually stays focused on projects in a house especially with a little one waking up just as you are getting started on something?

friday afternoon we were going to head out of town a bit and go camping for the first time since Miss. A was born but we altered our plans a bit. Daniel had a full days worth of work and we were unable to leave town early.

so in modifying our plans we decided to go hiking out toward to coast which was a lot of fun. we went to the new Tillamook Forest Center and then hiked around. Daniel’s sister and her husband joined us, it was the first time we had been hiking with them and it was quite fun. there are more photos here.

there were a few wonderful gifts that came my way this week as well.

my mother brought up some great old Bernina Sewing catalogs. they have classic images and motivating designs.

i also received a package in the mail from Marianne over at Applehead and Appleseed. she sent me a few of her Runner's World magazines and along with it included a few surprises. about a month ago she started selling some great paper goods at her Appleseed shop and she sent a few of her items along. i love the image of 'Our Morning Dive' it just looks like something that Miss. A will be doing some say soon. the little bird cards are from the Tuckfield's Australian Bird Series and they are quite fun to look at. i wonder how they will be put to use.

this afternoon my sister and her son are coming into town for a few days to look at houses. her husband just got a job in portland and so they are moving a lot closer in about a month. it will be quite fun to have her living here since her son and Miss. A are only three months apart and she is expecting her second in early February. for the past twelve years we have lived in different states and so it will be quite a different thing to have them living so close. so on that note i guess i should go and try to clean a bit around here before more guests show up.


kirsten said...

clean, clean, clean!
good luck with that! :)

sounds like you guys had a great time - there's something so cool about taking kids into the woods - you can just see their brains working to absorb everything. it's amazing.

lildb said...

those are some SWEET pattern covers. your mom's nice. *drools*

nonlineargirl said...

That first photo is so great! I feel like I'm teetering along with the boy.

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness you have been so busy over there. Isn't it strange how something as simple as a hair appointment becomes such a luxury when there is only yourself to think about. I bet you savoured every moment.

HeatherJ said...

Looks like you had a great time. Isn't it amazing how many projects can accumulate when you move into a new house?