Thursday, September 14, 2006

home alone

the house now feels empty after a week full of family. my sister and her son left yesterday afternoon and it was a bit quieter around here. i did not hear myself telling Miss. A no as much. while they were here she look to trying to 'share' everything with her cousin. he is not yet crawling and likes to sit and play with his toys where as Miss. A enjoys running circles around him and 'sharing' in the form of hitting him on the top of the head with the object in question. she was quite unhappy when objects were taken away from her. the faces of distress were quite amusing. we are just waiting until he is able to 'share' back and then the real fun begins.

it was wonderful to have my sister down for a few days. her and her family live up in Seattle but it seems as if every time she is down for a visit there is a big event happening or other family members are in town to visit as well. this time we were able to just relax go for walks and catch up on life. we are looking forward to them moving down here soon. the kids are going to have a great time playing together and growing up so close.

yesterday afternoon we mellowed out. i was able to catch up on some much needed emails as Miss. A drew and played with her pins by taking them in and out of the container. i was also able to start the long project of sorting through the thousands of photos we have taken since her birth. i am processing them so that i can actually put together a photo album of her life thus far. it is quite the process. i am not even yet through the day one of her life. this may take some time. while looking through the photos i was flooded with memories of the early days. it is amazing the amount of emotion that goes into childbirth.

today i am taking a break from photos and focusing on grocery shopping and sewing a wedding present. it feels good to get back into some long awaited projects.


kirsten said...

i'll say it again - miss a. is gorgeous! :)
i know what you mean about family visiting - my parents used to only visit when there was a kid going to college, or a wedding (which was often). there wasn't time to hang out, relax, etc. now they live about 35 min. away - and it's very different - in a good way.

madmommy said...

ah yes, that is the look I get when I take something away from the munchkin.

mama without instructions said...

i know exactly what you mean about all of the memories early photos bring up. i finally got together a first year album just after henry turned 2. sounds to me like you are in pretty good shape in that regard :)

Rachel said...

That Miss A is a doll! I was laughing to myself at your comments on never getting to visit with your sister alone. It seems my brother and I can never hang out unless there are about thirty other people visiting as well. Funny, because we are moving to the same city he lives in June. I too am looking forward to being closer to my bro.