Tuesday, September 26, 2006

home again

we are home once more and i am trying to get focused. it is so hard to be in such a constant state of transition. as i mentioned before we are all sleeping in the den. this makes for a fun experience for all. trying to get Miss. A down for naps or bed is quite hard and once she is down i have very few places to go and relax or do things. right now we are taking things slowly and trying to finish a room before moving back into it. the first room on the list is of course Miss. A's so that she can get settled again. yesterday i painted a swatch of wood to see if the color of green we picked out for her room even looks good. we are going with the green but it is only going to be for an accent wall and we need to pick out a contrast color. from there the trim needs to be painted and then the corner rounds stained, cut and installed. so as you can see this whole moving in process is going to take some time if that needs to be done in every room.

i have to remember that it will all pay off in the end but for the time being it is hard to resist the urge to be settled. i guess i should take advantage of the time and go wash the walls in her room since it is nap time and i always need to take advantage of that.


Anonymous said...

oh it will pay off in the end. for sure. and naps - always take advantage of them here too! (when i can get them to take one!)

beki said...

You are way more patient than I, which is why I suppose we have so many half done projects that we've gotten used to. It's hard to go back to complete a project when you don't even notice the unfinished part any more.

kirsten said...

i'm so sorry - that is hard! it would drive me crazy - you've just got to remember that it's temporary! glad you're back!

HeatherJ said...

We got the girls room done right away. However, now I am not happy with the colors. So we might have to redo that one.

I love the colors that http://bite-my-cookie.blogspot.com just used for her daughters room. Blue, orange, and brown, I just love it.

mariannealice said...

You actually forget all of the bad bits of renovating once you've done...and then you do it all again( kind of like having a baby except you don't get to choose the colour scheme!)
Rose had a lovely apple green wall in her old bedroom with lots of white and some splashes of raspberry red! very fresh and cheerful like a blossom tree!