Friday, August 17, 2007

working away

I am actually popping in quickly to post a little something because I am sick of the last image posted. We have been quite busy around this place with an anniversary [#6], trips, house projects, transitioning to a 'big girl bed' and more. All of these things I would love to post about soon but for now I will leave you with some images of bibs and placemat::napkin sets I am working on for a show coming up next Saturday. It feels great to be producing some items that have been in the sketch book for some time.

Have wonderful Friday.


grace said...

I love, love, love the placemat/napkin set. I'm wishing I could be local enough to snatch some up at this upcoming show.
I having been unsucsessfully trying to get some of that Echino ladybug print in red. But I'm not giving up yet. Have fun with all your business. And happy sixth!

marta said...

simply beautiful fabrics. what a crafty little lady you are.

nonlineargirl said...

What a great placemat, so lovely and functional.

I bought some of that brown flower-patterned fabric to make a skirt, thanks for reminding me to pull it out and make something.