Wednesday, September 03, 2008

catching up::photobooth

Well we are back from our trip and all rested up. The laundry is slowly being washed an folded and we are getting back into everyday life. It will only take me another week or so to upload and convert the three cards worth of images that were taken in our time away. For now I decided to catch up on a few photobooth images that have been hanging around the house. It has only been five months since the last post of photobooth images, oops. We have been diligent about taking them and it is always something that is looked forward to each month. Just this past Sunday as we were piling into the booth we were talking with Alena bout how we could all get in there once her bother arrives. In great three year old fashion she had it all figured out.


I am really loving our adventured each month. As time goes on everyone gets into it just a bit more. Props are talked about and items are chosen to take with us. This time is was cameras from the collection. Only one of them has film in it but no photos were taken. Maybe next time when the light meter is fixed but really is is a bit hard to get the right lighting in there. My secret hope is that photobooths don't go out of style anytime soon and that at least a few stay in places that minors can go since it seems as if a lot of them around town are in bars. It would be wonderful to keep this little tradition going for years to come.


Anne & Paul said...

Yes, keep them open -- so we can see y'all clowning!

blair said...

these photos are priceless, what a wonderful tradition you have going here.

And great news about a baby boy!