Thursday, August 21, 2008

hitting the road

We are getting ready to hit the road for a week long vacation. We will be at the cabin in Idaho with a couple days in Montana to visit the grandparents. Looking forward to a lot of swimming at the lake as long as the rain lets up and sun decided to come out again.

Once we get back it is a quick week before Daniel gets ACL replacement surgery and then Alena heads off to pre-school. I am amazed at how quickly summer how has passed and yet it feels like things are just getting started.


Rachel said...

Have fun! And that ACL surgery is not fun. Nice that you get to go enjoy yourselves before being cooped up for a while!

The Litter Box House said...

Have a great time! I so need a vacation...

Thanks for posting the following on my blog:
"ok that Elephant Pacifier Clip is quite cute. I just wrote you an email to your recent post and realized that I do not have your email address... if you pass it along I will send it to you."

I have no clue as to what you were to send me. I'm wondering if you mixed me up with someone else. But I did make a cute pacifier clip! Anyways, here is my email address just in case: ardenotter at gmail dot com.