Thursday, August 31, 2006

WIP: sweater season

the past few days it has felt like fall. gray mornings with rain and clouds that held on all day. it was wonderful i longed for sweaters and wool skirts. it was a bit depressing when i realized that there was not a sweater in site and i was unable to locate the box they had been packed away in. i was sent into a tail spin looking through all of my clothing thinking how i either did not like any of it or it did not fit right. i get this way every now and then but this time the thought of going into a store to try things on was quickly refuted by the thought of trying to keep Miss. A entertained. memories of my last trip to buy bras was quite enough to deter any such venture.

so instead of going and buying a whole new wardrobe or ripping open every box in the house to find sweaters i settled on knitting. i opened my knitting box and found a sweater i believe was started before getting pregnant. actually it is so close to being finished that it is quite sad. everything but the neck has been knit up and the neck i had attempted and taken out quite a few times. it is quite a simple task but you knit it separately and then attach it at the end. the hard part is following the repeating pattern because i would always stop in the middle and forget where i was when i picked it up again. so now i am determined to get somewhere with this. it will be finished by the time the real fall weather comes around or at least before a second child is born. something that is not planned for the near future....

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Wendy said...

Good luck with the finishing. I always find that so hard to do when a project has been left for ages.