Monday, August 21, 2006


there was progress on many fronts this weekend and that always feels good. as i mentioned before my father (Pop Pop) was coming up for the weekend. it so amazing to have assistance from someone who knows what they are doing. our front room was cut and painted within an hour and the transformation was staggering. previously the room was a dark red that made everything feel quite small and restricting. we went with a "light brown" (which looks like a coffee with a lot of cream) from a wonderful place that mixes recycled latex paint. they only mix about ten different colors but this color was just right for the front room and it felt good knowing that i was was helping the world out just a little bit.

while he was painting the front room i was painting the third coat on the ceiling in my studio. i could not believe how much paint it took. the ceilings were quite dirty to start with so i washed them down but it just sucked up the paint. the studio was painted just after lunch and then the rest of the evening we were able to relax talk and deal with a teething child that did not want to go down for the night.

on friday evening Daniel was away and i took the time to finish the first stage of my wedding gifts. the pillow was a lot of fun to make and i was surprised that despite all of the steps it takes to baste, back stitch and then sew together it paid off and i love the end result. i then sketched out a few more designs to crewel and got started on them over the weekend.

Miss. A was quite helpful with Pop Pop and wanted to get into all sorts of trouble with the paint. it was quite sweet on sunday morning when the two of them enjoyed a bit of reading time on the couch.

so with the weekend over there are two rooms in the house painted and continued progress on projects which feels good. i like the feeling of balance between different projects. i am excited what this week has to offer.


Tracy said...

the pillow is gorgeous! well done. and i love that photo of miss A and pop pop (makes me miss mine...)

rachel said...

That picture of miss A is absolutely adorable! Isn't it amazing how children actually look like they are really contemplating what they are reading! It's always one of my favorite things to see my kids do..."read" books.

melissa f. said...

these are really great pictures. looks like this whole new house thing is coming right along :) you're finding time to craft!

marianne said...

Your pillow looks so beautiful..what an amazing wedding gift that will be!
Your new home looks so lovely and light -the creamy coffee colour does well there.
What wouldn't I give to be able to have my Pop Pop come over for a visit..he would have loved a Sunday morning read with his two granddaughters!( and that couch looks great it a vintage one?)

beki said...

What a beautiful pillow! I think I'd have a hard time parting with it.

Wendy said...

Beautiful cushion and such a beautiful picture of miss a and pop pop.

Violet & Rose said...

The pillow is beautiful. I love the backing fabric that you've used.