Sunday, February 17, 2008

large shop update

I am excited to announce that the shop has been filled with a new run of items I have been working on recently.

I had aimed to have the shop loaded on Friday but decided to not push myself and instead enjoy distractions that came up. The weather has been wonderful around here and so it was hard to stay inside. In the evenings I was continually being drawn to a book I was only pages from finishing. Finally on Friday evening I finished the book only to pick up the next one on the shelf. Instantly I was drawn into it and found myself steeling away time to pack in a hundred pages an evening over the weekend. So despite marking my calendar with a prospective load date for the shop I enjoyed the wonderful distractions of family, friends, gardening, and books. It feels good to have done all of these things and to get the shop in order. Tomorrow Miss. A and I are off to the coast of the day. It should be quite an adventure.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

your shop looks great! and i love that you took time with your projects, and made space for those distractions... have a wonderful time at the coast!