Sunday, October 07, 2007

Oh its time...

::beautiful image courteous of Jessica Poundstone::

for me to start thinking about the idea of making a list of Christmas gifts to make this year. You know the idea of planning ahead always sounds good to me and then it never happens. The list of items to make far out weighs the number of days to make them in. So this year it is all about planing ahead a little [something I don't do often]. I read somewhere recently that there are 80 days till Christmas, since reading that days have passed so there are even fewer days left. So now onto the gift ideas. Last year we decided to take the money alloted to gifts and donate it in peoples names to different organizations both locally and world wide. Along with this we gave people a small handmade gift [patchwork dishtowels + tissue holders etc.]. This year we are going to be doing the same, giving something small to everyone. I was so excited when the list came together this weekend almost by chance.

::Shrink Plastic Flower Pin [using this tutorial by a wonderful friend of mine]
::homemade soap, lotion, and lip balm. [using this book]
::Coffee cup sleeve [using my own pattern]

The tutorial for the flower pin looks amazing and quite easy to do. Jessica is a very talented local jewelry maker and artist who I have come to know over the past few months. She decided a few weeks ago to go ahead and make a video tutorial on how to construct these great pins. I just think it sounds like a wonderful way to make a few gifts for people. Just think of the fun you could have one evening sitting around with some friends making these beautiful pins.

You might think that making homemade soaps etc. sounds like a big task but it something I have wanted to try for some time and I am taking the task on with a friend. We figured that if we divided the cost it would be cheep and fun to get together for an evening or two. All of the recipes come from the book Better Basics for the Home, a book I have had for almost a year and have yet to make something out of. So finally today the two of us sat down and made a list of items to buy. The goal is to start making by the first of Nov.

So now that the list is made it is only a matter of making the items. Lets hope that by starting this early I will accomplish these goals. That said if there is anyone in town interested in having a gift making party just let me know because I know that I am always more productive when working with others.


kirsten said...

i wish i lived near you - a gift-crafting party sounds like fun! i've been thinking about this, too - but i'm not going to finalize stuff until after halloween.
your flower is way cute!

A&P said...

Dear Miss Organized,
What fun brainstorming results! I can't wait to sneak a peek at your projects. :)

Rachel said...

I think I might be up to being creative this year. Let me think about some things I might be able to make . . . I would love to join your party!

meg said...

i've been thinking about this, too (but not doing much about it). thanks for some good idea!

nicole said...

hello, you,
you're great. though I'm far away, I'm going to join you in making these items. as you work, let me know how it goes for you :) p.s. a friend bought us that black wire bowl, but I think they found it at target.

andrea said...

oh! what a fantastic idea! I have been playing around with shrinky dink jewelry a bit lately, mainly due to miss jessica (and her lovely bit in the craftivity book). can't WAIT to try this.

coincidentally, my husband ran into jessica over at laika (where he works) a couple of weeks ago... she knew him through my blog, etc., etc., etc... so funny, this online world. I keep meaning to email her and tell her how much I love her work!

hope you're having a fantastic fall!