Monday, September 24, 2007


There are many aspects in the creative process all of which when used together contribute to the finished product. I have grown to love every aspect of working in my studio and especially relish in the moments when I get fully engrossed in a project. One thing that I find helps me with this is audio stimulation. I tend to pick things according to my moods and more often then not it consists of Podcasts. My actual music selection that has been downloaded to my computer is small and so I tend to just listen to what is already streaming to my iTunes on a daily basis. It is my way of getting caught up on the news, books, and radio shows that I tend to miss during the week. I have found that when I am listening to a specific show and working on a project I will remember that show the next time I work on that same item. Listed below are is my Top Ten list for this month. They are listed in alphabetical order. If any of you have other shows that you love to listen to I would love to hear about them.

Top Ten::
NPR: Books
NPR: Movies
NPR: Talk of the Nation
SFMOMA Artcast
Spoonful of Russian
This American Life
Travel with Rick Steves
Type Radio
Wiretap (on a podcast but you can find posts of it)
WNYC's Radio Lab

[all of these with the exception of Wiretap can be found on the iTunes store for free]


Rachel said...

Random question: is this picture from your roadtrip to Idaho? It looks very familiar! :)

A&P said...

Radio Lab - that's it!
I also like NPR All songs considered, especially their live concert p3Casts (AKA podcasts).
When I'm missing college, Grammar Girl is nice too.